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imgTrade in Commodity with the Power of Anee

When the global scenario of the stock markets are under a great turmoil, than it's the right time that our portfolios should be hedged with Commodities markets. With ANEE you not only get the expertise advice but a Unique Trading Platform, which gives you a Great Trading experience in Commodities market. With a ANEE Trading Account, you can trade in Commodity Futures from both MCX and NCDEX using a single screen.

Why trade in Commodities?

  • No balance sheet, P&L statement, EBITDA and reading between the lines. Commodity trading is about the simple economics of supply and demand.
  • Supports are known, only resistance matters! Minimum support price acts as a statutory support for many commodities.
  • No Dollar-Rupee premiums/discounts. No hedging on the NYMEX. Indian commodity derivatives hedge both forex and commodity specific risk, at a single cost.
  • No brainstorming over market direction. Seasonality patterns quiet often provide a clue to both short- and long-term players.
  • No scam, no price rigging. Commodity trading comes with no insider trading information and company specific risk.

The Anee Commodities Advantage

  • Live Market Watch for commodity market (NCDEX, MCX) in one screen.
  • Add any number of scripts in the Market Watch.
  • Tick by tick live updation of Intraday chart.
  • Greater exposure for trading on the margin available
  • Common window for market watch and order execution.
  • Key board driven short cuts for punching orders quickly.
  • Real time updation of exposure and portfolio.
  • Facility to customize any number of portfolios & watchlists.
  • Market depth, i.e. Best 5 bids and offers, updated live for all scripts.
  • Facility to cancel all pending orders with a single click.
  • Instant trade confirmations.
  • Stop-loss feature.

We also do PRO trading in Commodity segment

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